Guy Gruenberg

For over fifteen years we have brought innovative solutions to our clients plans and problems. We have a unique viewpoint that allows us to give hands on answers and guidance by caring about the balance between ownership, the organization employees, vendors and clients.


Our approach is to listen to all perspectives, perform thorough analysis and offer solid and creative plans for simple execution that delivers results.


Guy Gruenberg and Grow Consulting

President of Grow Consulting, Guy works with clients on strategy, sales, job costing and merger/aquistions

Jay Forte

Jay Forte spent more than 15 years in financial roles followed by another 15 years in corporate education and coaching. Throughout his career, his focus has always been to work with employees to align them to the right roles, develop high-performance workplace and life skills, inspire engagement and performance and to develop career and life clarity.

Ron Roberts

Ron is a co-founder of The Contractors Business Coach and He has written over 1,000 articles and still offers advice whenever asked. 

Rom lives in Kansas City with his wife Julie.