For over fifteen years we have brought innovative solutions to our clients dreams, plans and problems. We have a unique viewpoint that allows us to give hands on answers and guidance by caring about the balance between ownership, the organization, employees, vendors and clients.


Our approach is to listen to all perspectives, perform thorough analysis and offer solid and creative plans for simple execution that delivers results.



Coaching is moving people forward! Our model doesn't dwell on the past because we typically had no influence over past performance. Using open and honest communication we present ideas, processes and systems to all levels of your organization

Guy is passionate about presenting cutting edge information and solutions to help entire industries. He motivates, educates and empowers his audiences to assimilate and apply leading principals to their own styles.


Strategy is more than textbook exercises and document creation. 

You will see you organization from new perspectives. You will use these new viewpoint to prioritize corporate goals and that drive positive culture and profits.