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There is more to the story than a completely redesigned model that has a 25-year history and sold over one million Miata's. It is a sales story about customer satisfaction and reoccurring purchasing!

The branding is unlike anything I have experienced in the many new vehicles we have purchased in my lifetime. We have purchased at least six new vehicles since 2011. Not one company communicated with us after the purchase except for a "product recall notice".

Since we have purchased the Miata RF we received and awesome Tourneau watch which was part if the launch addition.

Just the other day a smartly boxed package about the size of a paperback book arrived with a message from the CEO welcoming us to the Mazda family. It included other information about the history of Mazda along with other information on how to download their phone app and some information about other accessories and warranties. None of it was presented as trying to sell something.

So far we love driving the little car even though it only has a thousand miles on it, we are preparing to drive it from Orlando to Chicago on its first long road trip. Some owners may polish and garage their RF, not me, I'm going to do my best to wear it out. If all goes well, I'll buy another one in a few years and a hundred thousand miles from now.

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