Beware of Bees!

I was writing a blog about mosquitos and it is almost finished, but Bee’s are taking priority today.

We were at a family reunion over Labor Day weekend and a bee snuck in my wife’s can of Arnold Palmer Ice Tea and stung her in the mouth. In just a few minutes her lip and jaw were blowing up. In less than a half hour Sandy looked like a Botox experiment gone wrong.

It was a little scary and I rushed her to the hospital. Luckily we were within minutes of the hospital where she works and before I could park the car she was being attending to by her ER work family.

Here is what I learned: We need bees to pollinate plants and flowers. Just a few years ago their was a fear that the sudden death of bees could severely affect our eco system.

Bees are also dangerous if you get stung, especially if you are allergic. My neighbor had a friend who died driving the church van when he was stung and he left his epi-pen in his golf bag. Unfortunately, he died almost immediately.

Bees are also like business associates. We need them and sometimes we keep them at a distance because we know that if agitated they will sting you. It will hurt and may kill you in a business sense.

Bees have similar characteristic to sharks in my viewpoint. You never know when they will attack and our not very predictable. When I was younger I ran with some sharks but now that I am older and perhaps wiser, I prefer predictability and honey from a beekeeper!

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